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More than just a multi-channel communications engine, TalkBox can drive database acquisition, the growth and value of your database and identify and retain your best customers.

We achieve this through personalised, relevant automated communications and journeys that drive customer behaviour.

The TalkBox application is a powerful tool, but simple to use.

  • It allows the creation of compelling campaigns simply made, with our powerful editing tool that’s as straightforward as drag and drop
  • Whether you use one channel or a sequence of email, SMS, social and web; TalkBox helps you connect to your audience
  • The true power of TalkBox is realised with our automated communications that drive your business without you lifting a finger, delivering time back to you
  • A well-structured journey to welcome, win back or build customer spend or a data driven branching path, is the key that drives increased value for your business
  • The integration of Net Promoter Score to create a customer feedback channel is powerful but when combined with Enlight your customer feedback is related to observational data such as weather conditions to highlight operational improvement opportunities
  • Our reporting drives understanding of engagement and return on investment.

Case studies

The Yarraville Club

The Yarraville Club uses TalkBox to send SMS to customers in order to fill the bistro. Club manager Scott says, ‘We regularly send batches of SMS to promote the bistro and when we do, that night the bistro is completely filled!’

SMS campaigns are aimed at attracting last-minute bookings and often focus on the nightly meal promotion.

Becketts Farm

Becketts Farm, a large venue with busy staff uses TalkBox to send a range of automated communications to customers, to influence behaviour and get more return visits.

Using an automated communication to send every customer follow-up message after visiting, Becketts farm gains valuable operational insights, but can also manage feedback; both good and bad. Unsatisfied customers are enticed back with the offer of a discount or free product in the form of a voucher issued from TalkBox.

Remarkably, 21% of Becketts Farm visitors who gave a low NPS (net promoter score) returned for a 2nd visit to redeem their voucher.

Within a 6 month period, Becketts Farm raised an additional £6,000 in revenue.

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