When we apply the Enlight processing engine to our client’s data, we look deep into the drivers of consumer and staff behaviour.

The outcomes of our Enlight analysis can also be used to drive operational plans by adding internal data to external sources, such as weather or traffic, that could provide insights that apply in operations, inventory management and rostering.

The process of Enlight is to work to determine opportunities found in your data and then automate the platform to manage them.

  • More than just segmenting your data, it identifies and tags customers and contacts according to their behaviours
  • From simple observations to complex calculations, Enlight unlocks the value in your data
  • Regular analytical processing keeps your connected database up to date
  • Bring the power of Enlight into TalkBox or SmartShift, or connect to your other business tools to gain more from your tools and data.

Client case studies


Imagine if you knew what brand a customer purchased and preferences and could automatically send them a communication about the right accessories and complementary products?

Using Impact Data’s Enlight tool, DigiDirect is able to take customers on a complete buying journey based on observing their purchase behaviour and transforming this data into suggested upsell and cross sell campaigns.

Kirk's Hotel

Membership and point of sale data are valuable assets that have helped Kirk’s Hotel on the Mornington Peninsula drive a stronger level of engagement with members.

This information is transformed with Enlight to help predict a member's visit and spend pattern. This allows automated communications to get them back in earlier, encourage them to return if they have delayed their visit and communicate an offer if their spend behaviour has changed.

A list of our data partners can be found here.

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