Impact Data’s Golf Package combines three of our most powerful tools — TalkBox, Pipeline and Enlight — to help golf clubs, resorts and country clubs save time and money.

Golf Package uses your point-of-sale, membership and booking data to create clever, data-driven, automated marketing campaigns. We do the hard work for you, sending targeted promotions by email or SMS to bring more players through the door, convert infrequent players into loyal ones and maximise their spending while in your venue.

Golf Package clients can also use TalkBox to send newsletters, promote pro-shop sales, clinics and demo days, boost function bookings and send special offers for birthdays and anniversaries.

And we offer exceptional customer support — from the implementation of your Golf Package to ongoing assistance and reporting — from friendly humans in Melbourne and Manchester.

Impact Data Golf Package data partners include:

Our golf data partner

Our process

  • Collect


    We collect your booking, point-of-sale and membership data using Pipeline, our data-transfer tool.

  • Analyse


    We analyse your data with our Enlight processing engine. We predict players’ future behaviour, based on their frequency of play, spending habits and purchase preferences. Then we assign calculated fields to each customer (e.g. expected next round) so we can target them with your promotions.

  • Integrate


    We upload your newly transformed data into our TalkBox digital marketing platform via Pipeline.

  • Automate


    We set up automated marketing promotions for you in TalkBox. Communications can be triggered to:

    • Encourage players to book more frequently and spend more at each visit
    • Bring back players who haven’t played for awhile
    • Send special offers for birthdays and anniversaries
    • Ask for feedback (e.g. “How was your visit?”)

  • Support


    Our support team activates your Golf Package and can assist you with the ongoing management of your account. Regular progress reports show you how your promotions are performing — including redemption rates and industry benchmarks for comparison — and provide suggestions for improvement.


Kew Golf Club

Integration with the membership system is just one of the features that encouraged Kew Golf Club to take up an Impact Data Golf Package.

The constant flow and update of data by PIPELINE allows each record in TalkBox to be updated with key information such as birthday, membership type and status and anniversary to allow for personalised communications that build the value of the relationship to this premier club.

The agency team support the implementation and management of all our Golf Package clients.

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