Every Day

Whenever your business is influenced by weather conditions, you want to ensure you maximise every day that you can. An Impact Data Golf Package has been specially designed for Golf Clubs to connect more effectively with customers.

An Impact Data Golf Package works as a stand alone solution or can be enhanced with the inclusion of SmartShift, and where there are venue and accommodation facilities; the addition of our Clubs or Accommodation Packages.

Our Golf Package data partners include:

Our golf data partner

Our process

  • Connect


    Pipeline is used to connect and transport golf management data, membership data and booking engines

  • Tag


    Data is transformed in Enlight to calculate attributes and add tags such as expected next round, membership anniversary and more

  • Transport


    Tagged data is then transported into TalkBox via Pipeline

  • Automate


    Automated customer communications are configured in TalkBox to change behaviour and reward the best customers including early and late promotions, birthdays and anniversaries

  • Campaign


    The power of TalkBox is used by our customers to inform members about playing conditions, available tee-times and other promotions

Client case study

Kew Golf Club

Integration with the membership system is just one of the features that encouraged Kew Golf Club to take up an Impact Data Golf Package.

The constant flow and update of data by PIPELINE allows each record in TalkBox to be updated with key information such as birthday, membership type and status and anniversary to allow for personalised communications that build the value of the relationship to this premier club.

The agency team support the implementation and management of all our Golf Package clients.

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