At Impact Data we are more than just a software house or technology vendor, we use our agency and data science service teams to support and empower our customers to get better solutions for their business that deliver on our overriding purpose – saving our clients time and money.

Our teams follow a methodology that allows our clients to enter the process at the point that is appropriate for their business and work with us:

  • Data asset evaluation what data do you have, where and how is it stored
  • Business opportunity scoping what impact could improved communications and business processes have on the business and what is required to deliver
  • Integrations management working with your internal IT and external vendors to process and complete the data integrations
  • Analysis mapping how will we measure results
  • Platform configuration set up the Impact Data Solution from data to design
  • Project delivery manage the process of delivery and keep stakeholders informed
  • Project monitoring reviewing and hitting project milestones
  • Strategic consulting use our experience of data, automation and process
  • Design our skilled designers can assist your consumer and staff engagement with beautiful design
  • Data Science we interrogate, make hypotheses, test and learn and then provide insight to drive improvements in your business.

This recipe can be applied across any industry and we have a number of pre-configured packages that are ready to be rolled out in your business today. All you need to do is let us know the sources of data you have, determine the offers for your members, send us some assets and let us do the rest.

You can then rest assured that your automated communications plan is helping to drive your business every day.

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