An advanced rostering tool that help you to optimise your people investment. Getting the balance between customer satisfaction and not over investing in labour is a tightrope that drives profitability.

With SmartShift, we help take the guess work out of it by using sales data to pinpoint and forecast drivers of labour demand.

A SmartShift rostering solution does more than create a staff timetable.

  • The incorporation of sales data allows our customers to pinpoint the key drivers of labour demand and forecast the requirements accurately
  • Provide a robot roster build feature that builds your roster automatically saving significant time
  • Compliance and governance are critical but time consuming, we keep SmartShift up to date with pay awards, minimum shift requirements and output the results to your payroll system
  • Communicating your roster and understanding your staff availability is made easier with the ability to end your roster via web, email and SMS
  • Take your business operations to the next level by incorporating marketing campaign information to improve process automation

Client case studies

Magic Hand Carwash

Compliance is a critical part of operating a franchise business and providing tools to do so is part of the value a franchisee is looking for.

The team at Magic Hand Carwash was looking to provide a rostering tool that not only made sense from an operational requirement in that it saved franchise partners time and money, but the compliance tools relating to pay awards, minimum shifts etc that protected all parties. SmartShift was able to meet all of these requirements to provide peace of mind and time saving.

The Beach Hotel Byron

The Beach Hotel Byron is one of Australia’s best known and busiest venues. Creating a roster for that many staff with constantly revolving availability and the need to communicate rosters through various channels to ensure staff knew about them, was a real challenge.

With staff interaction to manage their own availability and the ability to send rosters via SMS, email and web, SmartShift was the right choice.

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