More than a combination of applications, an Impact Data solution is a completely integrated and customised plan to drive your communications strategy and business automation.

Is your day spent running your business and building customer relationships or, is it trying to manage the increasing load and number of systems it seems to take to run a small business?

Perhaps you work for a larger organisation and simply want to be able to better understand the impact and return of your marketing campaigns? From accounting and payroll to inventory and e-commerce your business is likely not leveraging the value of unlocking the data that sits inside them.

What if we could unlock that data and use it to drive your customer and staff communications as well as drive better automation across all of your business processes regardless of the size of your organisation?

An Impact Data solution for your business will allow you to combine data sources, harness data analytics and connect insights to marketing and/or workforce management. Our solution will deliver a highly customised and effective business package designed to meet your organisations needs.

Client examples

Best Friends Pets, one of Australia’s growing retailers in the highly competitive pet space, was looking for a solution that allowed for highly customised and targeted communications that worked with the existing technical stack in the organisation and where results fed back into the business intelligence tool.

This Impact Data solution allows Best Friends Pets to observe transactional behaviour, combine it with profile data and send highly targeted communications. The campaign results are matched to point of sale transactions to continue to develop a deeper understanding of customers.

A Melbourne success story, Grill’d has leveraged an Impact Data solution from the very early days of operation that has grown with them.

With SmartShift underpinning the rostering of staff and TalkBox to manage customer communications, linked via Pipeline to the business intelligence system and Enlight analytics building sales forecasting, Grill’d has an eco system that provides marketing and operations automation.

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